Android App Development

Android Application Development

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Android Application

Preffered programming languages:







We work with frameworks and programs:


React Native




Android Native

Personal team of developers

We develop mobile app from scratch and help to finish started projects, including business analysis, technical consultation an UX/UI prototyping.

Developer’s team members:

Project Manager

UX/UI Designer

Backend Developer

DevOps Engineer

Frontend Developer


Мобильная разработка анимация The MASCC Mobile development: iOS/Cross-platform/Web development

Android App Development

Android App Development

Our goal is to solve your business problems.
There are just professional developers in our team. If we don’t solve your problem - we’ll give the money back.
Точка анимация The MASCCQuality control:
+1 646 9806260 ext. 119

who are we really?..

What is exactly a mobile application development? - It is the work with developers of The MASCC.
We guarantee our clients a European quality and a skillful staff. Our company was founded in 2012 in Prague
and today we are leaders among software developments. We have over 140 developers in our company and a branch office in Russia.

  • The MASCC More than 140 developers
    Over 140
  • The MASCC has more than 8 years of experience
    8 years
    of experience
  • Customer risks 0
    There is
    no risk
  • Certified developers of the company The MASCC
  • European quality The MASCC
Android App Development

Custom software development

Use the advantages:


You can concentrate on your business operations, like a customer service, sales or marketing. It means that you will be ready to start right after the end of our work.


Companies that use the development outsourcing can save up to 20% of total costs. It’s cheaper than to hire own developers.


Software development is a highly competitive sphere. That’s why we always try to be better than we have been before!

Точка анимация The MASCCThe MASCC takes 4th place out of 132 Europian IT-companies. Thanks to the European management and a proper attitude, we have only positive reviews from our clients all over the world.


If you hire developers, you should look through the resume thoroughly, interview developers etc.
Moreover new developers will have to overcome the adaptation process.

You have nothing to worry about with us. All our processes are debugged.
We just sign the contract and start making the software.


When you have a distant team, you can control its numbers. On the first stage you need more developers, but on the stage of service it’s more profitable to keep fewer employees, so you may just refuse from extra developers.

It would be harder to do it with the hired team.

Trust software development only reliable IT-companies!

Android App Development

About tasks and problems

We adapt digital technologies to your needs

Image EY and The MASCC

Ofice The MASCC

Sometimes, any It-company faces to problems of quality and quantity. Some information systems and programs include millions lines of the code that must work right in changing conditions. This difficulty can be compared to a structure of a plane.

There are some problems that we help solve:

The lack of Developers on the Software Development Market

We have more than 140 developers. You don’t have to search the them and waste your tame. You have extra projects with a time limit.

You have extra projects with a time limit.

If you developing a new project and your team is busy with another one, we will help you be flexible.

You do not keep up with your project.

We will help you complete it and transform your disadvantages to advantages.

You need a scalable infrastructure in the Cloud.

If you need a scalable and safe infrastructure, our DevOps-engineers are ready to help you with Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP etc.

You need a modern interface right now.

Our developers and UX/UI-specialists create a modern interface for digital products that will let overtake your competitors.

Your business can`t be developed without complex service-oriented solutions.

Our developers have many successful projects in their portfolios. The MASCC is a good choice when we talk about business automation systems, microservices, modular programming and websockets.

Android App Development

Certificates and ratings

The certified company means
a high quality.

  • Badge
  • GoodFirms Badge
  • GoodFirms Badge
  • Machine learning
  • The MASCC AWS-certified
  • The MASCC certified blockchain
  • The MASCC Enterprise Architect certified
  • The MASCC Microsoft Solutions.svg
Android App Development


Thanks to this point, we have influenced greatly on many business projects.


  • Technics
    and FinTech
  • Government Sector
    and Medicine
  • Tourism
    and service
  • Media
    and Telecom
Android App Development


Why do customers love working with The MASCC?

A good result

"I developed with the MASCC a web-platform in Prague. The MASCC is one of the best IT-companies we have worked with. They are very professional and well-coordinated. Happy with the result."

Отзыв The MASCC
James Kelly

CEO at Zillow

Strong Consulting

“The MASCC helps their clients transform business-process on the Internet thanks to the expert development.”

Nicc Bennett

Managing Director at Grunt Work


“It is a great joy to work with the MASCC. They are perfect in development and management of projects.”

Ronny Wood

CTO at EstSale

A reliable partner

“The MASCC’s team understood our needs and actively participated in the redesign process. We’ve got a product of high quality just in time. ”

Kim Powell



“This is an exceptional company because they have a lot of own resources for building powerful software and functional mobile apps.”

Отзыв The MASCC 2
Arny Carter


The result matches

“Since the first day we realised that The MASCC’s developers wanted to help us create the product that was over all the expectations.”

Mic Diaz

CTO at Grunfor


“I have been working with The MASCC for 4 years. They impress me with their modern solutions and understanding.”

Ben Brown

Co-Owner of Vremis


"They are experts and complete their work always on time. The MASCC is a good choice. Believe me.”

Mike Berds

IT Project Manager at Puma

Reliable innovators

“Crossing of technologies, business and innovations. The MASCC is a big family of technical enthusiasts and creative people.”

Отзыв The MASCC 3
Alex Robe

CTO at Walker tracker

Read more on and GoodFirms

Android App Development

Contact us

We are proud of being friendly. We are happy to:
- communicate with our colleagues from another IT-companies
- answer any question and get offers from another outsourcing companies
- comment to the media
- study and intern students of universities
- meet everyone who is interested in our business-ecosystem.

More information about us…

Android App Development

Our abilities

We offer you our service with all our experience.

Web development

Mobile development
React Native

Cloud & DevOps

Product design

Quality Assurance
  • Web development

    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Full-Stack development
    • Adaptive development
  • Outstaffing

    • Java developers
    • React developers
    • Spring developers
    • PHP developers
    • Mobile developers
    • QA team
  • Project and product management

    • Project planning
    • KPI’s installation
    • Project documentation
    • Risk assessment
    • Tracking and monitoring of projects
  • Technical service and support

    • Performance optimization
    • Web-resources safety
    • BackUp of apps and data
    • Accessibility testing
    • Monitoring and support 24/7
Android App Development


We have developed principles that allow us to create only reliable software.
  1. Interview and analytics

    Our goal is to understand every client`s wishes and goals. We are keen on defining target audience and software tasks. That’s why we interview our clients and make the technical task thoroughly.

  2. Design and prototype

    When we define an architecture of software, we develop a graphic project with modern tendencies and own experience.

  3. Development

    We use all our skills in every project and combine modern technologies with our own digital solutions. That’s why our projects are flawless.

  4. Quality control

    QA is vital for our developers. We guarantee that every part of the project is tested properly.

  5. Deployment

    Every project of The MASCC enters this stage with a great attention to the smallest detail. We are proud of every new software.

  6. Technical service and support

    Most of projects need in a good management and defense. We provide every project with maintenance for every project. We have a system that allows us to control all our projects. 24/7/365.

Android App Development
Do you want to discuss a project?
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software together!
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