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We сreate BPM-systems with complicated structure or a simple microservice.


We provide outstaffing with more than 150 best developers.


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Why do companies choose The MASCC?

We were looking for an experienced IT-company that could create business process automation systems for large companies and The Mascc matched to our requests perfectly.

By what were you impressed most of all?
By whole mutual understanding with the company. Besides, theу provide with great high-qualified services.

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We are always open for any communication There are no companies that have not been touched with the «Covid-crysis». We are not an exception, however, thanks to our experience haven’t fired even an employee! Besides, their number has increased. Now we have 150 employees and a partnership with about 280 companies.

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There are over 150 developers in our company. Our technological stack includes more than 25 frameworks and 15 programming languages. Mobile and web-developments. The European quality.

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If you want to discuss some technical questions with someone who is good at it , just send me a message. We will find a set of functions and make a great product together.

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If you need a dynamic team, you should send me a message. I will be glad to discuss your needs and help make a qualified team up.

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Do you want to develop a software quickly and qualitatively? Just send me a message. I will help you to find correct technical requirements for your product.

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IT expert in the Russian and international markets.


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The MASCC is a leader of IT-industry

International financial analyst «Crescendo World Wide» recognizes the merits of The MASCC IT-company and puts them in a leading position of Czech Republic companies rating.

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We should use alternative sources of energy for reducing the burden on the environment. Practice shows that development of green data-centers is a question of time. Now using ecologically clean energy is available only for giant-companies.

Expert: data-centers have an influence on the environment. We need to solve this problem.

«Now «green» data-centers are available only for large companies», - The MASCC’s director of development Alexey Slizkov said. His interview was published on the web-site «IT-world».

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The MASCC organized the action «We have a different timezone, but one goal». The action took place in Moscow and Prague. In this way the company wanted to attract attention to environmental problems.

Gloves and mask collection action took place in Prague and Moscow.

Actions have been held since April. Moscow and Prague offices employees took part in the event. Employees of metropolitan transferred used masks and gloves that were dropped on the platforms. In this way the company wanted to attract attention to environmental problems.

User’s names and numbers got into free access. Representatives of Telegram said that 60% of information is not already relevant. But their reputation is on strike now. The MASCC’s director of development Alexey Slizkov said that personal data was found in the Darknet.
More in an interview on LIVE24.

An Expert told about data leak from Telegram.

A large base of personal data appeared in the Internet recently. It belongs to Telegram users. Telegram Developers admitted this and said that there are no reasons for panic.

Tim Cook and his colleagues were in China and saw how «Foxbot» manipulators were working on the conveyor with new iPads.

Attempts by Apple to change humans on robots had failed.

The MASCC’s director of development Alexey Slizkov said that it is too early to speak about programming without code and 140 employees of The MASCC can not be afraid of unemployment.

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Czech government invited IT-companies to develop a mobile app for the transport system of Prague. The best app developer could get 400 million CZK. Asseco Central Europe also received an invitation to the competition.

Hackathon in the Czech Republic or Thermopylae battle in our days.

Czech programmers made a website in two days. Czech minister wanted to spend 16 million euro on it. He was fired.

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