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About us

IT company The MASCC

We are an independent Czech-Russian IT-company that was founded in 2012. Today The MASSC is a huge part of the European software market. At the moment there are over 140 developers in our company.

Video. The MASCC

My name is Alexey Slizkov, and I the CEO of the Czech-Russian company — The MASСС. Our company develops complex software for the banking sector... Read the full interview

The MASCC company is ready to do professional
work in the following areas

  • The MASCC More than 140 developers
    Software Dev

    Traditional software development
    We are able to develop software of any level.
    You just need to give us a technical specification.
    If you don’t have a technical specification, we can do it for you.

  • The MASCC has more than 8 years of experience

    Outstaffing and outsourcing of developers
    Do you need a professional development team?
    We can provide you with it at any stage of the project.

  • Certified developers of the company The MASCC

    Business process automation
    We can develop a business process automation system
    for you that will help you save your time and money

  • Top developers of the company The MASCC

    Integration of IT-systems
    If you can’t implement the system inside of your company,
    our employees will help you. They won't stop until
    everything works perfectly!

  • Certified developers of the company The MASCC
    B2B & B2G

    Working with the commercial and public sectors
    We can take on software development for the
    public sector and we are ready to work according to the
    business-to-business scheme.

  • Certified developers of the company The MASCC
    App Development

    Development of mobile applications for business
    We can develop mobile apps for business
    that will work on any platform and discover
    new ways to interact with your customers

  • Certified developers of the company The MASCC

    Product testing and quality control
    Our perfectionism will not let us pass by
    badly performing software. We will test it until we find weaknesses and eliminate them.
    Thereafter the software will match to the European quality standards.


Every our department has its own employment and index of work, but responsibility for the final product is always on the whole company.

The MASCC is the first company that took over DevOps culture. This ideology allows to carry out projects at a high level and unite the responsibility for the final result between the developers, supporters, testers and the implementation department.

Услуги ИТ-компании | The MASCC

The working process – The MASCC

The MASCC uses the DevOps-culture. Based on this every employee is responsible for all projects, not only for his part.

Наша компания следует трендам | The MASCC

We don’t miss professional events. We are always in trend – The MASCC

This practice allowed us to enter the top-10 of the best European IT-companies. This can be proved with many reviews, including reviews from Russian internet. Our works are present in Business Insider, Forbes and European Business Award.
We have conquered these tops because of our inside culture and good relationship with our clients. Besides every employee is a professional.


Work Space

Process | The MASCC

Visiting EY | The MASCC

IT company employees | The MASCC

IT company employees | The MASCC

IT company employees | The MASCC

Наши сотрудники | The MASCC

We have been visionaries since the first day.
Our view is to create a dynamic working space in which all of our employees enjoy the process.

День рождения | The MASCC

We're having a great time.
We are having a fruitful and fun time!

Рабочий процесс. | The MASCC

We are the confidence.
It's all about how we do business. We try to establish good relationships with each of our clients or our friends!

The MASCC проводит открытую лекцию в МГТУ им. Н. Э. Баумана

A lecture at the Bauman Moscow state technical University

The MASCC IT-company goes ahead!


Certificates and ratings

The certified company means
a high quality.

  • Clutch.io Badge
  • GoodFirms Badge
  • GoodFirms Badge
  • Machine learning
  • The MASCC AWS-certified
  • The MASCC certified blockchain
  • The MASCC Enterprise Architect certified
  • The MASCC Microsoft Solutions.svg


Thanks to this point, we have influenced greatly on many business projects.


  • Technics
    and FinTech
  • Government Sector
    and Medicine
  • Tourism
    and service
  • Media
    and Telecom


Why do customers love working with The MASCC?

A good result

"I developed with the MASCC a web-platform in Prague. The MASCC is one of the best IT-companies we have worked with. They are very professional and well-coordinated. Happy with the result."

Отзыв The MASCC
James Kelly

CEO at Zillow

Strong Consulting

“The MASCC helps their clients transform business-process on the Internet thanks to the expert development.”

Nicc Bennett

Managing Director at Grunt Work


“It is a great joy to work with the MASCC. They are perfect in development and management of projects.”

Ronny Wood

CTO at EstSale

A reliable partner

“The MASCC’s team understood our needs and actively participated in the redesign process. We’ve got a product of high quality just in time. ”

Kim Powell



“This is an exceptional company because they have a lot of own resources for building powerful software and functional mobile apps.”

Отзыв The MASCC 2
Arny Carter


The result matches

“Since the first day we realised that The MASCC’s developers wanted to help us create the product that was over all the expectations.”

Mic Diaz

CTO at Grunfor


“I have been working with The MASCC for 4 years. They impress me with their modern solutions and understanding.”

Ben Brown

Co-Owner of Vremis


"They are experts and complete their work always on time. The MASCC is a good choice. Believe me.”

Mike Berds

IT Project Manager at Puma

Reliable innovators

“Crossing of technologies, business and innovations. The MASCC is a big family of technical enthusiasts and creative people.”

Отзыв The MASCC 3
Alex Robe

CTO at Walker tracker

Read more on Clutch.co and GoodFirms


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We are proud of being friendly. We are happy to:
- communicate with our colleagues from another IT-companies
- answer any question and get offers from another outsourcing companies
- comment to the media
- study and intern students of universities
- meet everyone who is interested in our business-ecosystem.

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